The Cloquet Area Fire District Board is made up of representatives from all member communities.

The 2014 CAFD Board

  • Bob DeCaigny, At- Large
  • Gary Harms, Perch Lake Township
  • Dave DeLovely, Perch Lake Township
  • Kerry Kolodge, City of Cloquet
  • Roger Maki, City of Cloquet
  • Kelvin McCuskey, City of Scanlon
  • Tim Peleski, Carlton County
  • Richard Vukonich, St. Louis County

Bob DeCaignyGary HarmsKerry KolodgeRoger MakiKelvin McCuskeyTim PeleskiRichard Vukonich    Dave DeLovely, Perch Lake, not yet pictured











Saturday, August 23, 2014

District Fire Chief

Kevin M. Schroeder