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CAFD stations 1 & 2 were dispatched to the first wildfire of 2014.  Units were called at 11:20 for a wildfire with buildings threatened at 435 Brookston Road.  Upon arrival BC4 found approximately 1/2 acre of running fire with a small outbuilding involved.  The fire was rapidly suppressed and damage was limited to the storage building, trailer, a trampoline and other outdoor items. Crews were assisted by wildland engines from FDL Forestry and the Mn DNR.435 Brookston Road 2435 Brookston Road 1

Wildfire Prevention WeekOn average, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources firefighters respond to more than 1,200 wildfires each year.  Most of those fires occur during the spring.  Wildfire Prevention Week is the third full week in April.  The goal of the week is to increase awareness of outdoor fire hazards.

The time between when the snow melts and vegetation turns green is when Minnesota has the most wildfires.  Unfortunately, most wildfires are caused by humans.  In Minnestoa, the number-one cause of wildfire is escaped debris-burning fires.  The DNR and CAFD encourage landowners to find alternatives to burning, such as mulching or composting.

When there is less than 3 inches of snow on the ground, people need to get a burning permit before burning vegetative debris.  In addition, the DNR or local goverments restrict burning at certain times because of conditions.  Much of Minnesota is under spring burning permit restrictions between snow melt and green up because dry fuels like grass increase fire danger.

Check current information on statewide burning restrictions before starting any debris and campfires.  Burning permits are available online or from local fire wardens or local DNR forestry offices.

The DNR and CAFD ask people to be safe with fire.  Keep a shovel and water handy when burning, never leave the fire unattended and make certain fires are completely out (cool to the touch) before leaving.

If the fire does get away, go to a safe location and call 911.

Talk with you kids about fire safety.  Find a Wildfire Safety Week event to attend, or check online for fire safety and prevention activities.

MnDNR Wildfire Information

burning restrictions largeBurning Permits are now required throughout the area.  With the loss of snow cover, permits are required and fire danger can change rapidly.  See the link below for FAQ regarding open burning.

MnDNR Open Burning

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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